10 Recommended Books Featuring The French Riviera

Alongside some clever plotting with a dash of humour is a murder mystery that will keep you guessing. Summer is here and so today we’re going to do a little literary jet-setting to the South of France, with the 10 best books set in the French Riviera. Just bring your imagination as we set off to the beautiful Cote d’Azure (or the bookshop, whichever you prefer! ). It tells the story Larry Darrell, who was traumatized during World War I and seeks meaning in his life.

I have traveled to many beautiful places in my life, but the French Riviera has that rareje ne sais quois that makes it oh so special to me! Since centuries, Europeans have been flocking to this area for their sunny holidays as writers, artists, and other creative types. There are many charming cities within the Cote d’Azur, but I will be focusing on Nice, Monaco, Antibes. The French Riviera, or The Cote d’Azur, is nestled on the Southern Coast of France along the Mediterranean Sea, just waiting for you to enjoy all of life’s pleasures. You’ll encounter fabulous beaches, food and wine to inspire every palate, and historical treasures around every corner. And at the end of each day, candy pink sunsets paint the sky, just begging you to watch as a new masterpiece unfolds.

  • You will find restaurants, a high-end boutique, bars and lounges inside the Casino. And of course, games.
  • If I had a week, I would make Nice my base and spend three days there.
  • This is a great choice for Historical Fiction lovers.
  • It is on Le Monde’s list of the 100 best books of the century.

But they are sure to delight readers who want a sense of time and place filled with good memories. After breakfast, hop in your rental and drive to the famous beach club area named Plage de Pampelonne, which is about 20 minutes from St. Tropez. This wide spread beach is nearly 3 miles long and has around 40 private beach clubs and numerous public beaches, along with a distinctly noticeable nude beach. The French Riviera lies between the Southern Alps mountain range and the Mediterranean. Although there is no official boundary, most locals consider Saint Tropez to be the border on the west. The France-Italy border lies on the east, 20 minutes past Menton. Nice, a jewel on the south-east Coast of France, is the unofficial capital and the largest city in the region.

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Everything you need to know about Nice before you hit the French Riviera.

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I jumped off the train from Nice on my way to dinner and there it was; Shimmering through the palm trees with the sun setting to the tune of a baby blue and pink sky. The grounds are beautiful and lush, with the tranquil sounds of the fountain creating a luxurious atmosphere, and a really gorgeous photograph. During the day, a bustling flower and food market can be found at the heart of the Cours Saleya.

The title of this book refers to an Eastern philosophy saying that “The sharp edge a razor is difficult for you to pass over; therefore, the wise say that the path to Salvation can be hard”. Wharton’s tale of romance, intrigue, and betrayal in 1890s New York scandalized society. As a longtime resident of the south of France, she set some of The House of Mirth’s major scenes on the Riviera. This book tells the story of Lily Bart, who needs to find a husband to keep her in the manner to which she has become accustomed in New York high society. Inside the Casino you will find restaurants, a high end boutique, bars, lounges, and of course-games.

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